Every order is made by hand in my studio which means each piece will have slight differences, we are proud to call ‘imperfections’. We believe these little differences in character bring every piece to life and encourage each be worn as individual pieces of art.


FAIRTRADE GOLD & STERLING SILVER – We are continuously looking for opportunities to reduce our footprint. In 2019, we are moving over from recycled to Fairtrade gold & silver wherever and whenever possible. When you purchase a piece of jewelry crafted from Fair Trade Gold or Silver, you're making a palpable difference to the community that sourced it. Workers in Fairtrade certified mines receive a guaranteed Fairtrade Minimum Price for their gold as well as a Premium to spend on improving their businesses or on community projects, such as education, clean water and healthcare. Fairtrade certification means these small scale-miners meet FAIRTRADE STANDARDS.

This can help them to improve their mining and business practices as well as open the market to generate more sales on better terms. The Fairtrade Gold Standards include strict requirements on working conditions, health and safety, handling chemicals, women’s rights, child labour and protection of the environment.

RECYCLED GOLD FILL – We use 100% recycled gold fill. Gold fill is made by heat and pressure-bonding a layer of 14k gold to a brass core. Everything you see and touch will forever be 14k gold, so there is no concern of flaking, tarnishing, allergies, or turning your skin green. This process is extremely strong and will last decades and even centuries if taken care of properly. Gold is naturally very soft, so bonding it to brass adds strength to our designs.

Gold fill is not the same as gold plate or gold-plated. Plated metal is made by dipping any kind of metal in a very thin coating of gold and will flake and wear off quickly. Plating is typically used for accessory options sold at fast fashion houses.

RECYCLED STERLING SILVER – We use 100% recycled sterling silver. Wearing your silver jewelry slows down the rate of tarnish and oxidation and keeps the metal bright and shiny. Avoid tarnish by keeping pieces from humid environments or long-term storage.

BRASS – Our brass is the highest graded alloy. Brass is a very similar color to 14k gold but is a harder material and more resistant to scratches. Natural brass has a tendency to patina and darken with time, bringing a new element of character to each piece. If you prefer your brass to stay shiny, please see ‘care’ instructions below. We never use brass in our ear posts, ear wires, chains, or rings.


GOLD-FILL: Everything deserves some loving, even something as strong as Gold. To maintain its beauty, scrub lightly with a toothbrush and warm water.

STERLING SILVER: H2O sensitive. Avoid water when wearing your piece because over time the Sterling Silver will oxidize. The oils in your skin help keep Silver from oxidizing faster. So, wear often. Keep your piece in a sealed bag or in your de’So pouch to keep oxygen at bay.

BRASS: Sweat and water, no thank you. Before exercising or showering, remove your brass jewelry. Clean your piece by buffing gently with a dry cloth or combining a mixture of lemon, water and salt. Place your jewelry in the mixture and keep an eye on it until it has reached cleanliness. Wash off the item and dry completely.


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